Texas Family Law

Texas Family Law Overview

Our goal is to help families and individuals meet their objectives and solve their legal issues through efficient, compassionate and aggressive representation. For the past twenty years, our lawyers have provided family law expertise to satisfied clients throughout Houston and across Texas. Our practice encompasses the following areas:


Our attorneys help you through every aspect of your marital dissolutions as painlessly and quickly as possible. We are sensitive to your family’s needs throughout the divorce process, and we aggressively work to protect you and fight for your interests. Read more about Divorce.

Child Custody

Often the most critical part of a divorce proceeding, our attorneys have experience helping families quickly come to a resolution in this highly sensitive matter. Each parent or relative we represent can rely on our expertise in custody matters. Read more about Child Custody.

Child / Spousal Support

In general, child/spousal support is based upon the incomes of both parents, which parent has custody, and how much time the non-custodial parent has with the child/children. As this tends to be an issue of primary importance, our family law attorneys can help you sort through your legal and personal requirements. Read more about Child and Spousal Support.


We handle both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings to help you with a new beginning. Read more about Bankruptcy.

Wills and Trusts

Our attorneys help you plan for the financial security of your family after your death through Wills, Trusts, and Estate Plans. Read more about Wills and Trusts.

Living Trusts

Establishing a living trust can provide significant tax savings for most estates, and it can protect your money and your children. Our estate planning lawyers can assist you in preparing and managing this important document. Read more about Living Trusts.

Premarital Agreements

No one enters into a marriage expecting its dissolution, however, premarital agreements can serve as an important financial starting point to marriage. We can answer your questions and draft your agreement. Read more about Premarital Agreements.

Tax Law

Our attorneys can help you solve your tax issue with the IRS or other entity, or obtain the maximum benefits from tax laws for living trust and estate plans. Read more about Tax Law.

Asset Protection Strategies

Asset protection is an important, yet overlooked part of estate planning. We can help you achieve the ultimate goal of maximizing the value of your assets while preventing access to unauthorized persons. Read more about asset protection strategies.

Elder Abuse / Nursing Home Negligence

If you have a family member who you suspect is being abused in their nursing home, by medical professionals, or in a health care facility, our lawyers have experience in obtaining compensation for their injuries and justice for the family. Read more about Elder Abuse.