Advantages of Using a Prenuptial Agreement Template

A prenuptial agreement refers to an agreement between the couple before they are married. Using a prenuptial agreement template you can understand the content of this legal document, seek modifications, or even print your agreement without modifications if that is your choice. Notice, however, that you would still need to carefully provide all the input information to obtain a structured agreement. The major purpose of this agreement is to provide a legal framework for the distribution of assets in the event of a divorce.

While considering a prenuptial agreement template, it is important to understand the ‘sunset’ clause. The ‘sunset’ clause can vary between states and limits the validity of the prenuptial agreement to a specified date, or after the birth of a child from the marriage etc. The prenuptial agreement can become void when the ‘sunset’ clause is ignored. However, the prenuptial agreement can be replaced with a postnuptial agreement and the terms of the prenuptial agreement can be modified or dropped in the postnuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement template complying with the U.S. Law should meet 5 important attributes to be valid and binding. These attributes are:-

1. Prenuptial agreement should be written and oral agreements are not admissible

2. The agreement should be voluntarily signed by both the parties

3. The agreement should be signed before a notary

4. If material information is withheld by either party, the agreement becomes void

5. The agreement should be ethically and morally conscionable

In religious parlance, however, the prenuptial agreements are frowned upon and considered repugnant to the very purpose of marriage. Though most churches have not placed a ban on prenuptial agreements, they hold the view that given the commitment for life, binding and the sacrament to the church involved in a marriage, the prenuptial agreements fail to make sense and rather contradicts the teachings of the church.

Prenuptial agreements are largely prevalent among the wealthy and celebrities. In some of these instances, couple may have children from other marriages and it becomes essential to protect their interests. A pre nuptial agreement comes in handy to ensure that the interests of all the parties to the agreement remain protected under all circumstances. It is however important that you examine the prenuptial agreement template in relation to specific provisions laid down by the respective states.

When you examine the legal provisions relating to prenuptial agreements across the United States of America, you would be amazed at certain provisions in some of the states. Hollywood for instance, speaks about the number of children allowed, the physical appearance of partners and even goes to the extent of stipulating some ‘bedroom’ clauses.

Choosing an appropriate prenuptial agreement template should now be easier with the exhaustive information provided above.