Wholesale Vendor Agreement

A wholesale vendor agreement is an agreement where a wholesale vendor of a certain commodity agrees to sell his products to a vendee in return for a certain amount of money and for a fixed period of time. Such agreements are legally enforceable by law and are formal in nature.

Sample wholesale vendor agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 17th March 2011

Period of agreement: 24 months

Termination date: 17th March 2013

This agreement has been made by and between


Mr. Rupert Jobs



Mr. Joseph Hudson

The details of the parties are given as follows.

Address of Vendor: 90-H/L, Marks square, CA

Contact number: 498359889442

Address of Vendee: a-0/M, Perfetti Street, LA

Contact number: 403809504585

The vendor agrees to sell stationary products in wholesale amount of the vendee for 24 months.

Total cost: $20000 per year

The following are the terms and conditions:

  • The vendor must place an order for stationary items 5 days in advance to requirement.
  • The vendee must deliver order within 2 days of placing the order.
  • Any damage caused to the products on delivery time will be a responsibility of the vendor
  • The vendee cannot return products or items until and unless the quality is not up to the mark or the items are damaged.
  • The amount for an year must be paid on the commencement date of that year of agreement.

Both parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement and give their validation as follows:

Rupert Jobs

Joseph Hudson

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