What is the importance of confidentiality agreements?

A confidentiality agreement is an agreement which is formed between two parties on the main condition that either one of the parties or both the parties will keep the terms and conditions of the agreement confidential or to himself. Such agreements are legal in nature which means that the recitals or terms of the agreements bind the parties together in a legal manner or way.

Confidentiality agreement or non disclosure agreements are really important documents. The importance of such legal documents lies in the fact that while conducting important and secretive partnerships or passing of information, one party does not fear the disclosure of financial details or information which is not supposed to be revealed. In case any information is leaked, the party can hold the other at fault and take legal actions against it.

Confidentiality agreements protect and safeguard the seller from the buyer’s misuse of confidential points and details. Through such documents, there can be give and take of important private papers or documents without the fear of any violation or misuse. Infact non confidential agreements too are legal in nature but there is no guarantee of protection of important financial details and information in those unlike in the case of confidential agreements.

Confidentiality agreements form the base of trust and loyalty which may not always require a piece of document what without it, there is always a risk of losing valuable information. Thus any such agreement is important to be drafted even amongst parties with a long history of association.

During business acquisition or license granting, confidentiality of information is really important so that the receiving party does not publicise any personal and private matters of the other party. Thus any kind of confidentiality agreement is really important and helps to safeguard interests of the involved parties in a transparent and fair manner.

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