What is an International Agreement

An international agreement is a formal treaty between two or more nations that is sustained by valid terms, court announcements and national decree. In other words, the relationship stands on certain conditions that are implicitly or explicitly legal in nature. The mutual reciprocation in the relationship is translated into a written and more concrete base by virtue of a legal article where all the elements and precepts pertaining to the agreement are enunciated.

The document is developed following a certain pattern and confirmed by the respective courts. The elements in this context may vary across a wide range from political to economic domains. Whatever the domain is, an international agreement helps to expand the horizon and improve the formal as well as informal relation between the countries.

However, drafting an international agreement is not simple and requires considerable level of attention and knowledge to make it a success at one go. The requisites are given below:

  • The background of the issue that provides a thread of link between the countries should be summarized in the treaty. That way the nations would know what exactly to capture in the legal standardization of their relationship.
  • The relevant points of agreement and disagreement should be jotted down and then the parties should proceed on to make hardcore compromises or negotiations in settling the discord and coming to a harmony.
  • International lawyers should be resorted to for settlement of the agreement plans and terms as ordinary lawyers are not adept at handling such cases of international importance.
  • It is preferable if a summit is organized before drafting the document as the discussion would lead the action in a certain direction giving impetus to the certainty as to which articles and acts should be provided in the document.
  • The draft should be revised thoroughly before signing.


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