What is an Employment Agreement

An employment agreement refers to the legitimate sanction of job duties to a certain candidate after he is selected for employment through standard processes and tests. It is a contract initiated on the basis of strict conditions and guidelines that are framed legitimately in the contract document. The actual employment is allowed for a specific time and the contract is processed and corroborated in a manner such that the validity of the document expires after the termination of the employment term.

This is an important measure adopted by leading business organizations to check employees from resorting to unreasonable and unacceptable actions. However the legal stipulations are binding upon the employers too and their failure to abide by the stated principles bear the chance of triggering legal repercussions.

The most vital precepts concerning the operation of an employment agreement have been furnished below in detail:

  • The document of an employment agreement is inclusive of a legal clause which clearly defines the fact that the employment is provisional and will be duly rejected if the employee is found to serve another similar or competing company at the same time. Double employment contracts are handled separately in some cases.
  • Guidelines reflect the employer’s displeasure and condemnation at employee’s behavior of disclosing company and trade secrets. Thus the agreement makes it clear that employee will have to abide by the non-disclosure act pronounced in the document.
  • The agreement document states the various plans and tentative criteria associated with the employment per se from its span and termination policies to the benefits, allowances and salary to the duties and tasks assigned to the employee. This is a valid way of informing employees about dos and don’ts.
  • This agreement acts as a legal platform on which employees can be sacked or sued for misconduct, criminal offenses and solicitation.

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