What is a commercial agreement

A commercial agreement is a legally binding document which deals with a commercial transaction. It may refer to sales agreement, purchase agreement or a lease agreement, where one offers payment or his services to the other in return for something else as a part of a transaction. A commercial agreement must follow the state and federal laws of a country before either party signs the document.

A commercial agreement is similar to any other type of agreement but here the focus is more on payment options and shipment details:

  • Date and place: A commercial agreement must lay down the date of signing the contract and the where it was signed.
  • Names: The names of the companies or representatives of the companies must be given clearly to know who has made this deal
  • Term: The term of the agreement refers to the period between the start and end of the agreement and the dates must be clearly laid down.
  • Terms and conditions: This is a crucial part in a commercial agreement and all the rules and terms must be mentioned so that there is no conflict later on.
  • Payment details: The most important part of a commercial agreement is the transaction and hence the mentioning the payment details, how and when the money will be paid, is very important to avoid any legal trouble.
  • Termination terms: There can be certain conditions which may result in termination of the agreement and these conditions must be made known to both parties before the agreement is signed by anyone.
  • Signature: The signatures of both parties are required in the end.

Besides carefully mentioning these elements, any party signing a commercial agreement must make sure that he reads all the details of the deal especially those in the fine print so that there is no confusion later.

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