What is a agreement

Dealership agreements are the documents which are drafted when a party hands over the dealership of a certain product/products or service to another party on the basis of a certain time limitation and a number of legally binding terms and conditions. Any dealership agreement also consists of the details of the involved parties along with their addresses and contact numbers. The dates of commencement and that of termination also form another part of any dealership agreement. All these points together make any such agreement a really important piece of document which has legal value and importance.

What makes a dealership agreement important is the fact that by mutually agreeing upon and signing this document, both parties seal a set of terms and conditions which are obligatory to follow. This fact helps to strengthen the relationship between the dealer and the company and thus ensures them that they can trust the other party. Infact in case of dispute or violation of the terms and conditions, the legal body can have a proof at hand which can be used to decide which party is at fault.

The fact that the dates are mentioned in the agreement gives both parties an estimate and idea of the fact that beyond the termination date, the dealership agreement shall end and thus makes the picture pretty clear. The presence of the monetary matters furthermore makes the agreement document fair and clear for future reference and avoids any type of confusion. In the case where one party wishes to go against the terms and conditions, he always has the fear of the legal implications and thus can be forced to abide by the document under any circumstances. Such agreements are mainly of importance because of the legal hand that acts from behind and suppresses the violation and thus makes it necessary and obligatory for the parties to follow.

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