Wedding Website Agreement

A wedding website agreement is an agreement which is made between a wedding website owner or creator and the person who wishes to cover a wedding over a website for relatives and friends to enjoy. These kinds of agreements are legal in nature and consist of certain terms and conditions which are obligatory to follow.

Sample wedding website agreement

This agreement has been made effective on 6th March 2011 and made by and between Mr. Ben Mathews and Richard website creators which is owned by Richard Austin. Mr. Ben Mathews is herein referred to as the licensor and Mr. Richard Austin is herein referred to as the licensee.

Details of Licensor:

Address: 49-K, left wing road, London

Contact number: 4830423890323

Details of licensee:

Address: A-7, first floor, Mart land road, London

Contact number: 4739049734333

The licensor agrees to make and create a website for the wedding coverage for the licensee. This wedding website will cover all events and attached pictures and videos of the wedding along with important details.

Duration of agreement: 1 month

Total payment: $4000

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • No piece of information can be added in the website without consent of the licensor.
  • The licensee shall have right to design the website according to the theme as discussed with the licensor.
  • The payment must be made once the website is ready to go live.
  • None of the parties can provide login address of website to any third party.

The following are the signatures of the involved parties:

Richard Austin

Ben Mathew

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