Wedding Hairstyle Agreement

A wedding hairstyle agreement is a legal document which is made when a wedding bride agrees to get a hairstyle made from the hairstylist under certain legally binding terms and conditions which must be obliged to by both the parties. This agreement is made for a fixed period of time and for a predecided amount of money.

Sample wedding hairstyle agreement

This agreement has been made effective on 2nd Oct 2011and shall remain into effect till 2nd Nov 2011 which is the date of the wedding.

This agreement has been made and signed between

Miss. Jenny White who is hereby referred to as the CLIENT and would like to avail wedding hairstyling service from the hairstylist.


Mr. Mathew Hudson who is hereby referred to as the HAIRSTYLIST

CLIENT resides at 3-P, Clint east street, London

HAIRSTYLIST works at Fredrick hair institute and shall come to the home of the CLIENT at 6 pm in the evening on the date of the wedding.

Hairstyle details:

The hairstyle will be in the form of a bun and will be accessorised with flowers and pins which shall be provided by the HAIRSTYLIST

The following are the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties:

  • The total payment made will be $2000 and shall be made on the day of the wedding after the hairstyle is made.
  • The HAIRSTYLIST will take care of hairstyling the bride according to the specification and the colour of the dress for the wedding day.

Both the parties hereby sign the agreement as follows:

Jenny White

Mathew Hudson

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