Wedding Decoration Agreement

A wedding decoration agreement is a legal document which is made between a client and a wedding decoration company. This agreement consists of the payment details, terms and conditions and details of the involved parties and the terms of this agreement are legally enforceable in nature.

Sample wedding decoration agreement

This agreement has been made on 2nd Sep 2011 and shall remain into effect till 12 September which is the day of the wedding for which agreement is being drafted.

This agreement is made by and between the following parties:


Name: Mr. Ross Bing

Address: 54-f, rock street, LA

Contact number: 47389709293


Name: Daniel decorators

Owner: Will Daniels

Address: K-90, second floor, Houston square, LA

Contact number: 43092382323

Owner: Mr. Tim White

Wedding venue: 34-p, Merlin’s square, London

Wedding date: 12th Sep, 2011

Wedding time: 8 pm onwards

Wedding decoration details:

  • The COMPANY must decorate the hall as well as the hallway with flowers, frills, cloth and candles and in accordance with the theme as decided with the CLIENT.

The total cost of the wedding decorations is: $10000

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The CLIENT shall make the entire payment at the end of the wedding.
  • The COMPANY shall decorate the hall in accordance with the client specifications without any scope for errors.
  • The COMPANY must order fresh flowers on the day of the wedding and every arrangement must be done according to the theme.

The following are the signatures of the parties:

Ross Bing

Will Daniels

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