Wedding Cake Agreement

A wedding cake agreement is a legal document drafted when a baker or a cake shop agrees to supply the wedding cake in a wedding event. The details included in the contract include the price of the cake and also the flavor of the cake. There are few terms and conditions that the baker or the cake shop has to follow as per the agreement.

Sample Wedding Cake Agreement

This agreement has been drafted as on this day of 15th of March 2011 as Baker’s Square the cake supplier with their cake shop located at:

12 Mile Length Road

Land Mark, Los Angeles 5412.

has agreed to provide their service to supply the cake required for the wedding ceremony taking place on 17th of March 2011 at the venue:

Royal Ball Hall

41 Aspen High Street,

New York, New Jersey 4512.

As per the agreement:

  1. The total cost of the cake will be around $500.
  2. The flavors in the cake include vanilla and strawberry and total weight is 10 pounds.
  3. The cake should have a design of a groom and the bride doing a ball dance.
  4. The cake supplier has to provide the cake four hours before the wedding event, failing which the order can be cancelled.

Signature of the cake supplier:

Jane Austen

(On behalf of Baker’s Square)

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