Website License Agreement

Website license agreement is made between a website owner company and a person who want to acquire a user license for that site. The agreement sets forth those rules and regulation that need to be followed during the agreement period to prevent any dispute between both sides.

Sample Website License Agreement

This agreement is signed between Owner of website and the Licensee on the date of 25th July 2011 and it will be effective from 10th August 2011.

The duration for the license will be 18 months and if the licensee wants to increase it than he needs to make necessary application, two months before the completion of the agreement.

The licensee can use the website content and material for his own website for commercial purpose, promotion of services etc. but he does not own the proprietary rights of site content and other material.

Details of Website Owner

Name: Solaris techno soft Ltd.

CEO: Mike Javier

Contact Number: 4365789012

Details of the Licensee

Name: Bernard Jackman

Contact Number: 4863014789

Business details: the person owns an online e-commerce forum.

Terms and Conditions of agreement

  1. The website owner obtains complete rights to terminate or make changes in agreement anytime. The license is non transferable and cannot be given to any other entity.
  2. The licensee will pay a sum of $ 800 as license fee quarterly. He needs to deposit a sum of $500 at the time of signing the agreement as security money.
  3. To modify the agreement conditions, mutual consent of both sides will be needed.


Mike Javier                  Bernard Jackman

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