Website Development Agreement

Website development agreement is signed between an individual and a website developing company. The aim is to hire the website development services and the agreement provides a legal framework for this purpose to prevent any disputes regarding work and its price between the both parties.

Sample Website Development Agreement

This agreement is made between the WEBSITE OWNER and the WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, on effective date of 1st April 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be 3 months and the developer company is expected to finish their work in this duration. Delays and postponing of date will not be entertained except extra ordinary circumstances.

The web development company will develop a complete website for the client as per his demand, requirements and specifications.

Details of Website Owner

Name: Kevin Baldwin

Contact Number: 4856307364

Details of the Website Development Company

Name: Neil Davis (United Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Contact Number: 4863012795

Terms and Conditions for the agreement

  1. The company will design and develop a website as described and asked by client with in above duration. It would be compulsory to present a project plan before the client to explain details regarding website.
  2. The Client will pay a sum of $ 1000 as fee to the company for its services. If any other services apart from website development is asked by client than they will be considered as extra services and will be charged extra.
  3. Until the completion of the project, the company will not disclose any details regarding site to any other party/individual/company.


Kevin Baldwin

Neil Davis

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