Web Development and Maintenance Agreement

A web development and maintenance agreement is a formally drafted agreement which is framed when two parties agree upon the web development and maintenance of a web product or service. These agreements consist of legally binding terms and conditions which form the basis of such agreements.

Sample Web Development and Maintenance Agreement

This Web Development and Maintenance Agreement is being signed between Mr. Henry Thomas of Thomas Enterprises and Mr. James Kentucky of Kentucky Technologies as of January 30th, 2012.

The agreement states that Kentucky Technologies is being given the contract to maintain and develop the web software for the Thomas Enterprises.

Duration of the agreement: 12 months

Details of first party:

Name of the firm: Kentucky Technologies

Name of authorized official: Mr. James Kentucky

Contact No.: 920- 34- 564

Official Address: Plot No. 34B, City Square, 2nd Floor, United States

Details of the second party:

Name of the firm: Thomas Enterprises

Name of authorized official: Mr. Henry Thomas

Contact No.: 921- 67- 878

Official Address: Plot No. 6, Victoria Lanes, 1st Floor, United States

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement:

  1. The service provider will be paid the pre decided amount on a monthly basis.
  2. The provider is required to maintain all the technological software of the enterprise and attend to all the problems on a first priority basis.
  3. The enterprise must make all the payments without any delay.
  4. Any violations are punishable by the law, irrespective of the party making the violation.

Signatures of the parties are given below:

Henry Thomas

James Kentucky

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