Web Development Agreement

A web development agreement is a written and formal document which is framed in the case where a company or a party assigns the duty or work of developing a web software or any other web related product on the basis of certain terms and conditions which are legally enforceable.  These agreements are signed by the involved parties and are legal in nature. Given below is a sample of a web development agreement:

Sample Web Development Agreement:

This agreement has been entered into on the effective date 4th March 2012.

This agreement is made between:

Mr. Fred Jones who is hereafter known as the COMPANY and resides at 45-J, Markson street, LA


Mr. David Halls who is hereafter known as the DEVELOPER of the web software and resides at R-90, Notting Hill, London

Contact details of OWNER:

Phone: 48740934094

Email: Jones23@gmail.com

Contact details of DEVELOPER

Phone: 43097404044

Email: hallscompany@gmail.com

Details of the web software

Name: Billing giant

The webs software will be designed and developed as per the specifications of the COMPANY.

The COMPANY must complete the development process within 12 months from the effective date.

The following are the covenants and promises to be fulfilled by the parties:

  • Payment details:

COMPANY must pay a total amount of $3000 for the initial development of the web software.

  • This agreement makes the COMPANY obliged to provide the DEVELOPER full support and information about the specifications and limitations of the software.
  • The DEVELOPER cannot disclose the details of the software to any other party or person.

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