Waste Management Agreement

A waste management agreement is an official document drafted when an individual or an organization takes the responsibility to monitor the recycling and disposal of waste materials of a certain locality or an organization. The agreement states the effective date from which the service provider will begin his work and also the number of times he will be doing it in a week or a month and also the fees that he will charge for his job.

Sample Waste Management Agreement

This agreement has been made and entered on this day of 10th April 2011 by and between  Waste Developers referred to as the waste manger and Government of North Carolina referred to as the host company to dispose and process the solid waste in all the areas of the state of North Carolina.

Both the parties have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The waste manger will be paid a fee of $500 for per ton of waste materials.
  2. The host company will be inspecting the work of the waste manger. In case they find any negligence in work, the host company can deduct the penalty charge from the fee of the waste manger.

Both the parties have allowed their respective duly authorized officers to execute this

Agreement by signing below:

Signature of waste manger:                                                            Signature of host company:

Henry Cooper                                                             John Mayo

(CEO, Waste Developers)                              (Governor, Government of North Carolina)

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