Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

A volunteer confidentiality agreement made between any volunteer and an organization wherein the organization agrees to keep the information of the volunteer confidential. This agreement contains the terms and conditions, which if not followed can lead to legal actions against the party at fault.

Sample Volunteer confidentiality agreement:

This volunteer confidentiality agreement is signed on 24’Th Dec, 2010 between the involved parties known as the Volunteer and the Recipient.

Details of the Volunteer:

Name: Mr. Ralph Jackson

Address: 45-y, first floor, 2H district, NY

Contact: 474394798893

Details of the Recipient:

Name: Mr. Matthew Lauren (Lauren Sports League)

Address: 34 B, Hill Street, NY

Contact: 493484379598

The DURATION of contract: 24 months from the effective date of agreement.

Both the parties involved hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The volunteer agrees to confide in all his personal information and the information regarding his contract and fees to the Recipient.
  • The recipient agrees to keep the information provided confidential and not share it with any third party.
  • The Recipient realizes that if the information is made public, then he shall face legal implications.
  • The Volunteer holds the right to have all the points of the contract fulfilled under this agreement.


Ralph Jackson                Matthew Lauren

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