Voice Training Agreement

A voice training agreement is an agreement or a written document which is signed or made when a person agrees to take voice training from another person or party. These agreements are made between a voice trainer and a trainee. This agreement is legal in nature and consists of certain terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the parties in order to avoid legal implications.

Sample voice training agreement:

This agreement has been effective as on 1st Feb 2011

Termination date of agreement: 1st Feb 2012

Duration of agreement: 12 months

This agreement has been made between Mr. Greg Timothy who is hereby referred to as the TRAINER and Mr. Fredrick Law who is herein referred to as TRAINEE

Details of the TRAINER

Address: 2-j, first floor, Yen education street, CA

Contact number: 4809348304304

Details of TRAINEE

Address: A-8, ground floor, Paulo centre, CA

Contact number: 4930840404044

The TRAINEE agrees to pay an amount of $100 per month to the trainer for providing him voice training at the address of the TRAINER as mentioned above.

Total fees: $1200

Number of days of classes: 5 days in a week except Saturday and Sunday

The following are the various terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The trainer agrees to provide training to the trainee related to the learning of the voice art and voice modulation from a career point of view.
  • The trainee agrees to pay the amount on time so as to avoid any late fee charges.
  • The trainer must provide top quality training only.

Validation of parties:

Greg Timothy

Fredrick Law

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