Video Game Development Agreement

Video game development agreement is made between a video game developer and a company who sale and distribute these games. The agreement lays down the condition of work and details of both parties to minimize any confusion between the partners.

Sample Video Game Development Agreement

This agreement is assigned between VIDEO GAME DEVELOPER and the GAMING COMPANY on effective date of 26th August 2011.

The duration for the agreement will be 3 months.

In this duration, the developer has to create a new game that has to be computer, internet and mobile application friendly and easy to play. The duration for the completion of the work will not be extended except extra ordinary circumstances.

Details of Developer

Name: Lucas Brooks.

Contact Number: 496302574

Details of Video Game Company

Name: Eric Sullivan (Gaming Station Pvt. Ltd.)

Contact Number: 4987203653

Business details: the person owns a well-known video game company.

Terms and Conditions of Agreement

  1. The developer will create a new and unique video game, which will be targeted to a teenagers and college goers. The game should be free from excess of violence and extremism. It should not contain any porn content.
  2. The Company will pay a sum of $ 1000 as game development fee to the developer.
  3. On completion of the game, its copyright will remain with the company and the game developer cannot sell the same game to any other company.
  4. The developer will not leak any information regarding game during the development period.

Signature of both the parties is given below:

Lucas Brooks          Eric Sullivan

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