Vendor Supply Agreement

A vendor supply agreement is an agreement which is drafted between a vendor and a vendee wherein the vendor is responsible for supplying products or goods produced by him to the vendee. Any such agreement is a legal document which is enforceable by law.

Sample vendor supply agreement:

This agreement has been entered into on the effective date 1st Aug 2011

This agreement shall last for 12 months from effective date

Termination date of agreement: 1st Aug 2012

This agreement has been made between the parties with the following details:


Name: Mr. Kell Lawrence

Address: F-7, first floor, Blanchester square, London

Contact number: 47309355005


Name: Mr. Tim Johnson

Address: D-9, second floor, Greg building, London

Contact number: 4739050457095

The vendor is a manufacturer of surgical equipments and the vendee owns a hospital in London at the address mentioned.

This agreement has been made with respect to the supply of surgical equipments produced by vendor to the vendee on order basis for 1 year.

Cost of equipment: The cost shall vary depending on each order placed

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The vendor must supply top quality products without any faults or errors.
  • The vendee must place an order with 5 days in advance to requirement.
  • The vendor must supply products within two days after order placement.
  • The vendor shall be held responsible and would have to replace any damaged products.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

Kell Lawrence

Tim Johnson

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