Vendor Confidentiality Agreement

A vendor confidentiality agreement is an agreement based upon which the Provider shares or discusses informational regarding his business with the vendor or recipient. This agreement is made upon a few terms and conditions which have to be followed for successful completion of the agreement.

Sample Vendor Confidentiality Agreement:

This vendor confidentiality agreement is signed on 24th of Dec, 2010 between the involved parties known as the Provider and the Vendor.

Details of the Provider:

Name: Mr. Fred Jackson

Business Address: 45-y, first building, floor 2, H district, London

Designation: Managing director

Contact: 474394798893

Details of the vendor:

Name: Mr. Newton Greg

Address: 34 B, tell street, CA

Contact: 4934843795984

The length of contract: 12 months from the effective date of agreement.

Both the parties involved hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Provider agrees to share and discuss the confidential information regarding his business, its machinery, tools, resources and financial details with the Vendor.
  • The vendor agrees to keep the information provided confidential and not share it with any third party.
  • The Vendor realizes that if the information is made public, then he shall face legal implications.
  • The information is a property of the Provider.


Fred Jackson                Newton Greg

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