Vendor Agreements

Vendor agreements are those legal documents which are made between parties known as Vendor and Vendee. Breach of such documents can lead to legal implications if the terms and conditions are violated by any of the parties involved.

Such documents are framed either by the parties involved or by any legal expert who specialises in drafting of legal papers. Vendor agreements have to be written in a formal manner and by following a particular format. Vendor and vendee have to agree to a few terms and conditions in order to mutual seal the agreement.

The following points must be kept in mind in order to frame a proper vendor agreement:

  • The personal details including name, address and contact number of the parties involved must be mentioned in the beginning of the agreement.
  • The financial aspects and the service details must take up the second part of the vendor agreement.
  • The terms and conditions form the highlight of any such document therefore it must be written with clear understanding and in bulleted form.
  • The tone throughout should be that which is professional and words with casual meanings must be avoided.
  • The last line must be reserved for the signatures of the involved parties.

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