Vehicle Transfer Agreement

A vehicle transfer agreement is an agreement which is formed or drafted between two or more than two parties when one of them wishes to transfer a vehicle to the other in return for a particular amount of pre decided money and sometimes for a fixed period of time. Such agreements are legal in nature.

Simple Vehicle Lease Agreement Template

Simple Vehicle Lease Agreement Template


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Sample vehicle transfer agreement:

Effective date of agreement: 23rd June 2011

Duration of agreement: 12 months

Termination date of agreement: 23rd June 2012

This agreement has been made by and between the following parties:

Mr. Frank George who is hereby referred to as the OWNER of the vehicle


Mr Mathew White who is hereby referred to as the NEW OWNER of the vehicle

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: D-23, third floor, Pearl apartments, CA

Contact number: 47845405055045


Address: 3-D, Maxi Street, CA

Contact number: 48909485940504

The following are the details of the vehicle to be transferred:

Name: Toyota Fortuner

Colour: Black

Model number: G-90/l

Cost of transfer for one year: $20000

Terms and conditions:

  • The owner must make sure that the vehicle is in proper working order at the time of transfer.
  • The new owner shall be responsible for maintenance and servicing of the vehicle for length of agreement.
  • The new owner must not transfer the vehicle to any third party during any time of the agreement period.
  • The new owner must make entire payment on day of transfer

Hereby the parties agree to the terms of the agreement

Frank George

Mathew White




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