Vehicle Test Drive Agreement

Vehicle test drive agreement is an agreement which is made between two parties where one party grants test drive permission to another party on the basis of certain terms and conditions. Such agreements are usually legal in nature which means that the violation of the terms of the agreement can lead to legal implications.

Vehicle Lease Agreement

Vehicle Lease Agreement


Sample vehicle test drive agreement

This agreement has been entered into as on 15th July 2011

This agreement has been made by and between Mr. Mathew Young who is hereby referred to as the OWNER of the vehicle and Mr John Aniston who is hereby referred to as the TEST DRIVER of the vehicle.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: 56-H, Hudson Street, LA

Contact number: 473099834794


Address: s-45, West gate tower, LA

Contact number: 4890349848934

The details of the vehicle which is to be test driven are as follows:

Name: Skoda Superb

Colour: black colour.

Duration of agreement: 30 minutes test drive

Terms and conditions:

  • The test driver is not allowed to take the car outside a radius of 5 kilometres from the address mentioned in the details of the OWNER.
  • The owner must note down the phone number of the test driver before beginning of test drive.
  • The test driver is not allowed to take more than 3 people with him on the test drive.
  • In case of any accident or mishappening, the test driver would have to pay an amount decided amongst the parties.

Hereby the parties agree to the terms of the agreement:

Mathew Young

John Aniston

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