Vehicle Repair Agreement

A vehicle repair agreement is an agreement which is made when one party wishes to get a vehicle repaired and the other repairs the vehicle. This agreement is based on certain detailed clauses which have to be followed by the parties to avoid any legal charges or implications.

Sample vehicle repair agreement:

Effective date of agreement: 3rd Sep 2011

Duration of agreement: 6 months

Termination date of agreement: 3rd March 2012

This agreement has been made by and between Mr. George Rhodes who is hereby referred to as the OWNER of the vehicle and Mr Lauren Mathew who is hereby referred to as the REPAIRER of the vehicle in question.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: Q-90, second floor, Kell road, London

Contact number: 473894809540


Address of repair station: 45-h, E-9, Marx road, London

Contact number: 4894905894050

The following are the details of the vehicle to be repaired

Name: Hyundai Verna

Colour: Silver

Model number: G/45

Cost of repair: Varies each time depending upon the seriousness of case.

Terms and conditions:

  • The owner must drop the car for repair each time an accident takes place or whenever repair is needed at the address of repair station as mentioned.
  • The cost of repair must be paid after repair is done and the car is ready.
  • The repairer must give a detailed explanation of the kind of repair is needed and what exactly is the status of part to be repaired.

Hereby the parties agree to the terms of the agreement

George Rhodes

Lauren Mathew

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