Vehicle Purchase Agreement

A vehicle agreement is made and committed between the vehicle owner and the interested buyer (individual/ company) to rent, purchase or lease the desired vehicle. The agreement contains details regarding the payment clauses, vehicle description along with details of both the parties/.

Sample Vehicle Agreement:

Agreement Number: 784/ VPA

Date: January 30th, 2011

This vehicle agreement is prepared & entered between:

Details of the vehicle owner:

Name: Candy Spielberg

Contact number: 7687 236 6979

Hereinafter called as the owner party


Details of the individual/ company:

Name: Mark McGraw

Phone number: 6790 367 7980

Hereinafter called as the purchasing party

Whereas, the owner party is willing to sell the vehicle to the purchasing party by accepting the given term & conditions at the committed vehicle price

This agreement is effective from January 31st, 2011.

Terms & conditions:

  • Hereby, the owner party is selling the vehicle name: Ford Fiesta, Registration Number AM6978 along with a license to the purchasing party.
  • The purchasing party is paying an amount of $ 38486 for the vehicle on January 31st, 2011.
  • After payment the documents will be transferred on the name of purchasing party.
  • Any kind of unsettled issue may leads to the termination of this agreement.

Acceptance of the vehicle agreement:

Signature of the Owner Party:                                     Signature of the Purchasing Party:

Candy Spielberg                                                              Mark McGraw

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