Vehicle Donation Agreement

A vehicle donation agreement is an agreement which is made between the owner of a vehicle and a person to whom the vehicle is being donated by the owner. Such agreements are legal documents which have certain legally binding terms and conditions for the parties to abide with.

Sample vehicle donation agreement:

This agreement has been entered into by the parties on the effective date of 25th March 2011

This agreement has been made between James Brown who is herein referred to as the DONOR of the vehicle and Mark Henderson who is herein referred to as the NEW OWNER of the vehicle.

Address of DONOR: DD-23, fourth floor, Mandy street, LA

Contact number of DONOR: 473457498349

Address of NEW OWNER: Lawrence road, Fifth Avenue, D-9, LA

Contact number of NEW OWNER: 473938490444

Details of vehicle:

This vehicle has been bought by the owner two years prior to today’s date and now wishes to donate it to the NEW OWNER free of cost.

Name of vehicle: Hyundai Verna

Model number of vehicle: Siesta D


  • Since the donor has donated the vehicle, it means that the NEW OWNER will not have to pay any cost for the vehicle and can have it for life.
  • The NEW OWNER shall be responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle and would have to pay any cost related to the vehicle in the future himself.
  • The NEW OWNER holds the right to transfer, lease or donate the vehicle to anybody he wishes to.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement:

James Brown

Mark Henderson




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