Vehicle Broker Agreement

A vehicle broker agreement is an agreement which is made and signed between two parties out of which one is the broker and the other could either be the buyer of the vehicle or the seller of the vehicle. Such agreements are made based upon certain number of terms and conditions which must be followed by both the parties.

Sample vehicle broker agreement:

This agreement has been made on the effective date of 3rd June 2011

This agreement has been made by and between Mr. Paul Marshall who is herein referred to as the SELLER of the vehicle and Mr. Robert Grint who owns Grint brokers depositors and is herein referred to as the BROKER

Details of SELLER:

Address: H-3, Second floor, Martha Estate, London

Contact number: 470935708340

Details of BROKER

Agency address: 2-H, first floor, Paul square, London

Contact number: 4093570956065

Details of the vehicle:

Name: Hyundai Accent

Model number: T class

Colour: black

The SELLER wishes to sell his vehicle through the BROKER.

The BROKER wishes to sell the vehicle of the SELLER to a buyer.

Duration of agreement: 12 month


The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The SELLER agrees to hand over the vehicle to the BROKER for 12 months for the purpose of selling.
  • The BROKER must perform tasks necessary for the selling of the vehicle.
  • The BROKER cannot sell the vehicle to any buyer without taking permission and discussion with the SELLER.

Signatures of the parties:

Paul Marshall

Robert Grint

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