Vehicle Agreements

Vehicle agreements are legal documents which are made when a party agrees to rent, lease or sell a vehicle to the second party in return for a certain amount of money. These agreements are formal and professional in nature and must be to the point.

Vehicle agreement can be of various types. The following are a few examples of different kinds of vehicle agreements:

  1. Vehicle lease agreement
  2. Vehicle rental agreement
  3. Vehicle sale agreement


Whenever a person makes a vehicle agreement, he must keep in mind that the violation or breach of the terms of the agreement can lead him to face legal actions. The following are the other few points to be kept in mind while framing such an agreement document:

  1. The first part must comprise of the personal details of the involved parties like name, address etc
  2. The effective date of the agreement and the duration of the term must be clearly stated.
  3. Whatever amount has been decided amongst the parties and whichever way it shall be transferred are the points of great importance in a vehicle agreement
  4. The terms and conditions should be written down in point wise form.
  5. The signatures of the parties must be done at the end of the document.

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