Vacation Rental Lease Agreement

A vacation rental lease agreement is an agreement which is signed between the owner of the vacation property and its tenant. This agreement lays down the terms and the condition which are agreed by both the parties.

Sample Vacation Rental Lease Agreement


September 10, 2009

Parties involved

Landlord: Mr. Ray Traver.

Tenant:    Mr. Shepherd Green.

Premises details

The landholder Mr. Ray Traver promises to rent out the holiday home, entirely for vacation purposes to Mr. Shepherd Green.

215A, Black Berry Holiday Homes.

234/4, McDonald Road. Near Mangolia Valley.

Washington- 40.


The lease agreement will start from 1st December, 2009 and will continue till 1st December, 2010.


The tenant must pay 2000$ as rent to the proprietor by 5th of each month. The money must be wire transferred to the account of the land holder.

Security Deposit

The leaseholder is also required to deposit 12000$ as security deposit in the account of the proprietor. The amount is refundable within one month of vacating the property, if no damage is found in the property.

Facilities provided

The landlord has promised to provide facilities such as:

  1. Supply of hot water for 24 hours,
  2. Supply of electricity and cooking gas,
  3. Daily collection of garbage,
  4. Fully furnished rooms.

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