User License Agreement

User license agreement is made between the user and the manufacturer/owner/distributor of a software/technology or any other product for which the license is used. The agreement lays down the details of the parties, terms and conditions agreed between them and the details of the license as well.

Sample User License Agreement

This agreement is made between the User and the Company on 10th May 2011.

Duration for the license agreement will be lifelong until the company itself does not wish to take this software out of the market.

The agreement provides the legal rights to user to use this software in his system (personal or commercial). The license is limited to the licensee only and cannot be passed to another person/entity.

Details of User

Name: Mr. Walter Gavin

Contact Number: 4863027901

Purpose: Personal Use

Details of Company

Title: Next Step Software Solutions Ltd.

CEO: Derek Hobart

Contact Number: 4320178996

Terms and Conditions of agreement

  1. The company holds exclusive rights of software
  2. The user will pay $450 at the time of purchasing/downloading the software as a license fee.
  3. The user cannot change the source code, content and any other material related to software. Nor he can make copies of it and sale it in to open market. It will be consider a violation of intellectual rights and commercial interests of company.
  4. The User is free to accept or not accept the terms and conditions of agreement.

Signature of both the parties in consent to the above terms is given below

Walter Gavin

Derek Hobart

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