Used Vehicle Sale Agreement

A used vehicle sale agreement is a document prepared when an individual sells a second hand vehicle owned by him to another individual. There are few terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement which are very important as the vehicle has already been used and the seller has to give few assurances in the form of these terms and conditions.

Sample Used Vehicle Sale Agreement

This sales agreement is being made on the day of 4th of March and entered into between Rock Hanks, the seller and the Jack Trade, the buyer for the sale of the used vehicle owned by Rock Hanks.

The details of the vehicle are as follows:

Vehicle type: Car

Model name: Gran 42

Model make: Hoard

Year of manufacture: 2008

Color: Red

Mileage: 8 miles per liter

Both the parties have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The seller assures that the vehicle is in perfect working condition.
  2. The insurance of the car has been paid by the seller.
  3. The buyer needs to pay a purchase price of $1500.
  4. The seller assures that the car has been used by him for not more than two years.

Signature of the seller:                                                       Signature of the buyer:

Rock Hanks                                                               Jack Trade



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