Used Cars Dealership Agreement

Used cars dealership agreement is a written document which is signed between two parties where one is a supplier and the other is a buyer of used cars. This agreement mentions all the details regarding used cars, payments and other terms and conditions which are legally binding for both the parties involved in the agreement.

Sample Used Cars Dealership Agreement

Agreement number: – 34/ UC

This agreement is signed between

HENRY Motors

34, West street end

Toronto, Canada


DANIEL Motors Corp.

A-90, first floor, Markson square


This agreement gives Henry Motors the title of the SUPPLIER and DANIEL Motors Corp the title of the BUYER.

Agreement commences on 27th Nov 2011 and is valid till 27th Nov 2013 under the following terms and conditions:-

  • DANIEL corps. will make the payments of car in installments. Each installment will be 30% of the total amount of the car
  • HENRY motors will provide all cars in perfect working conditions and all the repairing cost of the cars will be under the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • DANIEL motors cannot under any circumstances return the cars bought.

Termination of the agreement

If due to any unforeseen circumstances agreement gets terminated then both the parties will have to pay 40% of the amount of unsold cars.

Dispute Settlement

  • Any settlement of dispute will be done by the federal court.
  • Out of court settlement will also be accepted but only under certain rules and regulations.

Hence both parties agree to the terms:

Henry Boucher

Daniel White

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