Unlimited License Agreement

Unlimited license agreement is a legal document that is drafted when an individual or a company gets unlimited access to the license of any product, software or technology developed by any other individual or company. These types of agreements include the details of the parties involved and the terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Unlimited License agreement

This agreement is made at the time of purchasing the product between the Consumer/User and the Owner Company on 23rd may 2011.

Duration of this agreement is lifetime or until the user is using our product.

The agreement provides complete rights to the users to use the product technology and its features in a way they want and impose. However, the company obtains the copyrights of product and do not transfer it to the user.

Details of the User

Name: Anthony Jacobs

Contact Number: 4896630275

Details of Company

Title: TechnoLeaders Pvt. Ltd.

CEO:  Eric McCarthy

Contact Number: 430258769

Terms and Conditions of agreement

  1. The user cannot claim to have the proprietary rights of the product; it will be the asset of Technoleaders Company only.
  2. The users do not need to pay any license fee or charges to use this product but if they want to make any research or modification on the product than they need to take permission from the company via formal channels.
  3. The product and its technology cannot be used for any pornographic content and other such purpose. Nor it can be used for any anti-social and anti-national activity.


Eric McCarthy

Anthony Jacobs

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