Training Agreement Template

A training agreement template is the format in which a training agreement needs to be drafted when an individual agrees to work as a trainer for a specific subject in an institution. The template lays down the duties of the trainer and the also the training schedule of the trainer.

Sample Training Agreement Template

This training agreement is being drafted between ______________ [name of the institute] referred to as the institute and __________ [name of the trainer] referred to as the trainer as the trainer will be providing training on ______________ [subject on which the training will be provided] to the students of the institute. The date of registering this agreement is __________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]. ]

The rules and regulations to be agreed by the trainer are as follows:

  1. The trainer assures that he has a formal training degree from a reputed institute.
  2. The trainer should avoid being late for any class. In case he is found late his remuneration will get deducted.
  3. The trainer should take training on __________________ [names of the days of the week].

The trainer has accepted to the above rules and regulations by putting his signature below:

Signature of the trainer:


Dated: _________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]

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