Trademark License Agreement

Trademark license agreement is a legal document that is used for getting a trademark sign for any product or goods produced/manufactured by a company. The agreement describe the terms of license and condition under which it could be used. These agreements also contain the details of the parties involved.

Sample Trademark License Agreement

This agreement has been signed between the Product owner Company and the Trade and Commerce department of government on 31st June 2011. It will come in to effect from 1st August 2011.

The duration for the trademark will be 10 years.

The Licensee will be eligible to use this trademark for given period. The trademark sign is given for Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances. The trademark sign will appear on the bottom backside of appliance.

Details of Licensee

Name: Daryl Gather

Contact Number: 435876089

Business Details: the person runs a manufacturing plant of kitchen appliances.

Details of License Authority

Title: Department of Trade and Commerce

Director: Mr. Glen Hardy

Contact Number: 4820167930

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

  1. The license is given for kitchen appliances only and not for any other kind of appliances/equipment. It is a non-transferable license therefore; the license holder cannot transfer it to anyone.
  2. No other person apart from Licensee and individual/s nominated by him can use this trademark. Otherwise, it will be consider as a violation of licensee’s IP rights, which will be charged under law.
  3. The licensee will pay $ 3500 every year as license fee to the department.


Daryl Gethner

Mr. Glen Hardy

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