Trade Contract Agreement

A trade contract agreement is a deal between two more parties according to which a person or a company with expertise in a particular field or dealing in certain products agrees to provide his services or goods to the other party in return for a fixed sum of money.

Sample Trade Contract Agreement

This trade contract agreement is made between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR on the effective date of August 29, 2011. According to this agreement, the CONTRACTOR will be engaging the SUBCONTRACTOR for the following services and materials required for a certain project.


Name: Mr. William Jones

Contact number: 4565465464


Name: Mr. Cole Rogers

Contact number: 5464654643


Address: West End Mall, Los Angeles


The SUBCONTRACTOR is expected to furnish all the materials, equipment, labour and services with respect to the reconceived plans in a timely fashion.


The CONTRACTOR shall pay the SUBCONTRACTOR a sum of $50,000, out of which $35,000 shall be paid in advance and the rest of the amount on timely and successful completion of the project. If the project is not finished within August 29, 2012, the SUBCONTRACTOR has to pay for the losses incurred by the contractor to be calculated at that time.


This trade contract agreement shall be terminated if the work is found to be unsatisfactory or if the materials supplied by the SUBCONTRACTOR are found to be substandard or not what was agreed on.

Both parties agree to the above terms and conditions.


Mr. William Jones               Mr. Cole Rogers

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