Tractor Dealership Agreement

A Tractor Dealership Agreement is a legal written document where two parties mutually enter into an agreement for the sale and purchase of tractors on dealership basis. One party is the seller and the other is the dealer of the tractors in such an agreement.

Sample Tractor dealership Agreement

Agreement number: – 12-p/h

This agreement is signed between


12-p, first floor, Tim square,

NYC, United States of America


Radcliff Dealers

Pearl Street, 12th house

CA, United States of America

MARKSON Company (Manufacturer) and Radcliff Dealers (Dealer) have entered into an agreement based upon the following terms and conditions:-

  • Manufacturer agrees to provide tractors to the dealer on dealership basis.
  • The Dealer will have to make a 25% down payment and balance payment can be paid in installments.
  • Manufactures agrees to provide pieces and all the required spare parts to the dealer.
  • All the transportation cost shall be under the responsibility of the dealer.
  • Any defects in the parts shall be repaired by the manufacturer.
  • This agreement is valid for a term of 2 years.


  • Any breach in the above said conditions will lead to the termination of agreement.
  • If any of the party wish to terminate the agreement they will have to give a prior notice of 20 days in advance to the other party.


Dispute settlement is to be done by the Federal Court of the State.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms and give their validation as follows:

Signature of the Manufacturer


Signature of the Dealer

Radcliff Dealers

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