Town House Lease Agreement Form

A town house is a house situated on the outskirts of the town. A town house lease agreement form binds one or more entities who are letting out the property on lease and those who are taking the property on lease.

Sample  Town House Lease Agreement Form:

MR____________is the legal owner of the town house located at____________Measuring _____________Square feet , nearest land mark being___________________.
The Land lord Mr____________ has agreed to put his town house on lease for a period of ___________________years for personal consumption alone. Mr________________ has proposed to lease out the town house for the said duration against a denomination of _______________ that is payable on an annual Basis of __________ each annum.

The property is mainly for personal consumption only and if the property is used for any other commercial use the agreement will be void.

Along with the town house the tenant can also enjoy the rights to the back yard garden and vegetable garden attached to the property.

The above compensation does not include any kind of legal charges.

The AGREEMENT WAS ACCEPTED THIS ____________ DAY OF ________________________20 _____,

at _______________________________________________________.

(Address, City and State)

_______________________________________________ Tenant 1 _______________________________________________
Tenant 3
Tenant 2
Landlord, Property manager or Agent

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