Town Home Lease Agreement Template

A town home lease agreement is a legal document that binds two entities namely the landlord and the tenant . The agreement gives the tenant right to lease out the town home.

Sample Town Home Lease Agreement


Mr ____________________________resident of__________________road________________nearest Landmark being_________is the owner of a town home located at__________________. He has decided to put his town home on lease for a period of time ____________.

Mr_____________resident of______________________nearest land mark being___________has decided to take the property on lease for the decided period of time for personal consumption alone.

Against the tenancy rights over the town home, the tenant is willing to pay an amount of___________________payable in instalments coming to__________per annum.

This agreement is recognized in the eyes of laws at the respected state court. This agreement can be nullified by either party due to breach of conduct or will by giving a months notice to each other and appealing to the governing court of law.

The property will only be used for personal consumption alone.

The AGREEMENT WAS ACCEPTED THIS ____________ DAY OF ________________________20 _____,

at _______________________________________________________.

(Address, City and State)

_______________________________________________ Tenant 1 _______________________________________________
Tenant 3
Tenant 2
Landlord, Property manager or Agent

ITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the d

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