Tool Hire Lease Agreement

Tool hire lease agreement is an official and legal contract between owner and hirer of tools. This agreement can be used by anybody who wants to hire tools and equipment legally for a certain period of time. This contract can be terminated only by orders of court.

Tool Hire Lease Agreement:

Legal File No: _____________

The Tool Hire Lease Agreement is made on ________, 2010, between _______________, and, __________________.

Description of Rental Tool Agreement:

Hereby Customer agrees to rent from a Company, the tools identified as ____________, and as considered therefore, a Customer comes to an understanding for paying rental charges of the amount __________. And within the time period____________.

Title to Tools: Title to the Tools will remain with the Company at all times. The customer will have no rights or Title to the Tools under any conditions.

Tool Hire Lease Agreement executed on, ___________, 2010, ___________, in __________city __________state______________

Signature of parties                                                    Signature of Witness:

__________________                                                    _________________

__________________                                                    _________________

Current Residential Address:

Address1: __________________________________________________

Contact Number: ______________________________

Address 2: ________________________________________________

Contact Number 2:____________________________________________

Signature of the Attorney:

Date:                                                                                   Place:

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