Texas Real Estate Lease Agreement

A Texas real estate lease agreement is one which has all the terms pertinent to a general lease agreement between a lessor and a lessee apart from being enforceable according to the rental legislation prevalent in the state of Texas. The agreement sets out the terms for lease of real estate property belonging to individual owner.

Sample Texas Real Estate Lease Agreement

This agreement is entered into between Mr. Robin Keys and Mr. Graham Mathews hereafter referred to as the lessor and the lessee for the purpose of leasing a real estate property in the state of Texas.

Lease Term – 15 months from the agreement date

Details of Lessor

Mr. Robin Keys

#5, Great Yarmouth,

Norfolk, London, NR31

Details of Lessee

Mr. Graham Mathews

#8, Exeter, Devon,

London, EX1

Details of real estate property

#456, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire,

London, MK18

Terms of Texas real estate lease agreement

  1. The lessor agrees to provide the aforesaid property to the lesser by accepting a deposit of 2000 pounds on this agreement day which will be refunded when the premises is vacated.
  2. The lessee agrees to pay the monthly rent which is an amount of 400 pounds on or before the 5th of every month without fail.
  3. The lessor will have the right to increase the rent by an amount of 100 pounds every year by renewing the real estate lease agreement.
  4. The lessor will have the right to terminate the lease agreement by giving a three day notice to the lessee as per the rental legislation of Texas State and the lessee is bound to abide by it.
  5. The lesser also agrees to pay the maintenance charges for utilizing the premises and common facilities.
  6. The lesser agrees not to sublet the real estate property and doing so will entail legal action from the lessor under the Texas jurisdiction of the Property Rights Act as applicable.

Signature of the lessor:

Signature of the lessee:

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