Tenants Agreement Template

Tenants agreement template is a legal commitment between the tenants and the landlord for hiring of any property, machinery or any other object. This type of agreement is prepared in the presence of the landlord & witnesses in order to lease the property.

Sample Tenants Agreement Template:

Date: ___________/ ____________/_______ [DD/ MM/YY]

Agreement Number: _________ [legal document number assigned by the court]

Name of the Landlord (s): _____________________ [authorized name (s) and contact details of owner (s)]

Address: ___________________________________

Contact Number: _____________________________

Name of the Tenant (s): ________________________

Name of the subtenant (if there is any):____________ [a person who is responsible in absence of tenant (s)].

Permanent Address: __________________________ [name of sharing tenant (s) & valid contact details].

Phone Number: ______________________________

Type of property which is going to be transferred between tenants and subtenant in the presence of the landlord & witnesses _____________________________ [carefully mention the full property name here]

Property Location ________________  [address of property].

This agreement is commencing on _________, 20 _________ and ending on ___________ [Fill the date validating and terminating the document legally].

Landlord (s): ________________________________

__________________________________________  [name of the property owner (s)]

Singed by the Landlord (s): _______________           Name _______________

______________                                                          Permanent Address: _________

Contact number: _____________

[Signed by the landlord (s) agent & address of agent)]

Signed by the Tenant (s): _________________               Name _______________

______________                                                             Permanent Address: _________

Contact number: _____________

[Signed & address of the responsible tenant (s)]

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