Tenancy Agreement UK

A tenancy agreement UK is a legal document which is planned between the landlord and the tenant in order to rent a room, hire some property and commercial place as it is prepared according to the UK tenancy rules.

Sample Tenancy Agreement UK:

Effective date: _________________ (MM. DD. YY)

Tenancy Agreement Number: ______________

The following mentioned agreement is valid from ___________ and is terminating on ____________ as both the parties are agreed.

The Landlord Party:

Name (individual/ organization): _____________________

Authenticated Address: ____________________________

PIN: ____________________________________________

Valid Phone Number: ______________________________

AND The Tenant Party:

Name (individual/ organization): ______________________

Permanent Address: ____________________________

PIN: ____________________________________________

Valid Phone Number: ______________________________

The further term & commitments are underneath as per U.K Tenancy & Rental laws:

(a)The tenant is agreed to make a payment of ______________ as a security deposit.

(b)The tenant will pay an amount ___________ as a monthly rental to the landlord on _________day of each year. This agreement is valid for a year. If the tenant is interested, he/ she can put an application to renew the agreement before 25 days in advance.

(c) The tenant will be responsible for the maintenance of the property.

(d)The landlord is committed to provide the following as benefits:

Water ________

Electricity _____

Refrigeration _____

Other, __________

Signature of the Landlord: ___________________________

Signature of the Tenant: ____________________________

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