Tenancy Agreement Template

A tenancy agreement template is the document prepared by emphasizing on legal code & conducts and is ready is used as a commitment between the Landlord & the tenant.

Sample Tenancy Agreement Template:.

Agreement File Number: ___________ [a permanent number assigned by the court]

Date: ____/ _____/ _____ [DD. MM. YY on which the document is prepared]

Article of this agreement is prepared between the Landlord: ______________________ [original property owner], resided at: City _________, State: __________ PIN ___________ [address of the Landlord]: ____________   and the ___________________ hereinafter called the tenant [lessee of property], resided at: City __________, State: __________, PIN: _____________.  [Contact details of tenant].

Whereas the Landlord received the request from the tenant in order to hire the property and the landlord is interested for the same.  The property is located at: ______________________________ with ___________ square feet area surrounded by the _____________________ facilities. [Give full details of property address and specifications].

Hence, this agreement is effective from _______________, 20 ________ ending on _________, 20 ________. [Mention dates of tenancy agreement validation].

The tenant is agreed to pay ________________ amount as a monthly rent to the landlord on decided date on _______________, 20 __________. [Write the total rent amount along with the rent date].

Signature of the Landlord:


Signature of the Tenant:


[Signed by the both parties]

Witness 1: _____________

2. ______________________

[Signed by two witnesses]

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