Tenancy Agreement Template Form

A tenancy agreement template form is a format of a legal document that gives details about the period of lease, terms and conditions and rental charge information about the property under discussion for renting purpose.

Tenancy Agreement Template Form:

The parties involved in the contract are [Name of owner], hereby known as the LESSOR and [Name of tenant], hereby known as the LESSEE .The agreement is signed on Date: [day], [month], and [year].

Contact information of lessor:

Address: [Address of lessor with zip code]

Contact Number: [Phone number of lessor]

Contact information of lessee:

Address: [Address of lessee with zip code]

Contact Number: [Phone number of lessee]

Property Details:

Address of property: [Address of the property under discussion]

Use of property: [The purpose of tenancy]

Account Number: [          ]

File subscription number: [        ]

Period of lease: [Number of months of lease]

Commencing date: [day], [date], [year]

Location of signing: [Address of signing of contract]

Payment Details:

Rental charge (monthly): $[amount] within the first week of each month

Additional late charges: $[amount]

Security Deposit: $[amount] which shall be refunded at the expiration of the lease.

The lessor agrees to rent the mentioned property to lessee for a fixed duration of time in return for a rental payment.


[Name of owner]             [Name of tenant]

(Owner)                           (Tenant)

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