Tenancy Agreement Renting Room

A tenancy agreement renting room, as the name depicts, is an official document which is used as a commitment between the room owner and the renter or tenant.

Sample Tenancy Agreement Renting Room:

Agreement Number: _________________

Date: ____/ _____/ ______

This tenant agreement (lease) is commenced between:

Name of the Landlord: __________________________

Address: _______________________

PIN: __________________________

Contact Number: _______________


Name of the tenant: ___________________________

Address: _______________________

PIN: __________________________

Contact Number: _______________

Whereas the landlord is willing to rent the room and the tenant is interested to hire the room.

This property is located at: City: ____________, State: ____________, PIN: __________.

As per this commitment, tenant is allowed to stay with one member and is agreed to pay the monthly rental of ____________ on __/_____/____ date of each month for a year.

Terms & conditions: Both the parties are agreed to the following:

(a)The tenant will be responsible for the maintenance of this room. He/ she must have the insurance policy for his household stuff.

(b)Tenant is allowed to exercise the room for personal use only. Any kind of illegal attempt to this property will lead to termination of this contract.

(c) Any addition to the monthly rental, the landlord agent will inform the tenant.

Signature of the Landlord ___________

Signature of the tenant _____________


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