Tenancy Agreement Form

A tenancy agreement form is a kind of a legal document made between two parties, the landlord and the tenant. It gives information about the period of lease, terms and conditions and other details relating to the property under discussion

Tenancy Agreement Form:

The parties involved in the tenancy agreement are Mr. John White, hereby known as the Owner and Mr. Ray Greg, hereby known as the Tenant on Date: 15’Th Oct 2010

Contact information of owner:

Address: RG-8, Hill road, Atlanta

Contact Number: 445679038620

Contact information of tenant:

Address: FT-9, Yen Street, Atlanta

Contact Number: 457980394830

Property Details:

Address of property: 4B, East road, Atlanta

Use of property: Office use

Account Number: 456u

File subscription number: DTG2

Period of lease: 24 months

Commencing date: 10’Th November, 2010

Location of signing: Bridge Road, Atlanta

Payment Details:

Rental charge (monthly): $1000 in the first week of each month

Late charges: $300 each week with each passing week

Security Deposit: $200 which will be refunded at the expiry of contract.

Both the parties agree to the details mentioned above.

The tenant agrees to keep the premises in good condition with damages taken care of.

The owner agrees to provide with electricity, furniture and internet connection.

Both the parties hereby agree to the contract and give their consent:

John White              Ray Greg

(Owner)                   (Tenant)


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