Tenancy Agreement Doc

A tenancy agreement doc is a document that works as a legally binding contract and entitles the owner to lease his property to a tenant. It lays down the detailed account of all the terms and conditions which are mandatory to follow during the term of lease.

Sample Tenancy Agreement Doc:

This agreement is made on 14’Th Oct, 2010 at greater villa no. 2, CA


Owner: Peter Samuels

Samuel builders

4’ Th Avenue, CA


Tenant: Henry James

James enterprises

G-2, Hill road, CA

Duration of lease: 12 months, starting from 12’Th December, 2010

Purpose of renting: Spa centre

Both the parties agree to the following conditions:

  1. The tenant has to pay a monthly sum of $950 on the 10’Th day of the English calendar each month.
  2. The tenant has to pay a security deposit sum of $300, 2 weeks before the agreement becomes effective.
  3. The owner has to provide the tenant with facilities that include electricity, water supply, basic furniture and electrical equipments.
  4. The tenant will have to acquire written prior permission from the owner before incorporating any major changes in the premises.

The tenant and owner hereby agree to the agreement and give their consent as:

Peter Samuels                         Henry James

(Owner)                                   (Tenant)

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